Self Advocates

Self Advocates

North Shore ConneXions Society has a number of resources for self-advocates. Please click on the title below to learn more.

Download and fill out the Self Advocate Membership Form to become a member of North Shore ConneXions Society.

Once complete, please drop this form off at at the address below:
North Shore ConneXions Society
1070 Roosevelt Crescent, North Vancouver, BC V7P 1M3

The Summit is a community based program that provides recreation, social and educational options for people with intellectual disabilities. Click to learn more about The Summit.
Download a copy of the North Shore ConneXions Society Client Handbook to learn more about our Society and the services we provide.

You can get someone to help you read this or ask us for a copy of this handbook on tape (voice recording).

Download the Individual Rights & Responsibilities handbook to understand your rights and responsibilities.
Download and complete the Complaint Record Form if there is something you aren’t happy with and you would like to register a complaint.

You should feel comfortable to tell us when you are not happy. We will not be upset or treat you differently if you tell us you are not happy. We want you to be happy and to offer the best service to you we can.